Help Justin (that’s me) publish writing & design projects that cultivate depth and beauty

$50 / year

As a partner investing $50, you’ll receive:

• Curated playlist of new songs I’m enjoying each month

• Collection of photos I’ve taken (and will take) available as wallpapers for your phone

• “Thank You” card designed by me and mailed to you, with space to write your own personal note to give someone in your life

$100 / year

As a partner investing $100, you’ll receive:

• All the perks of investing $50 

• At least one secret, won’t-be-published-anywhere-else longform essay or short story, printed and mailed to you

• Behind-the-scenes, sporadically released podcast

• If you’re working on your own creative project that you’d like feedback on, we’ll schedule a half hour video call to talk through it together

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Current Projects

Your support as a partner enables me to continually publish the following projects from summer 2019 – summer 2020

Technicolor logo

Technicolor – online magazine
Interviews with interracial couples, uncovering the joys and challenges of multi-ethnic relationships

The Valleyist – email newsletter
Weekly reflections on integrating faith and career, from the heart of Silicon Valley

100 for 100 – email newsletter 
Monthly updates and musings from my life

Hypothetical FAQ

Who are you?

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, worked at Google 4+ years on the Pixel phone, and now lead design at a Silicon Valley startup in the self driving car industry.

Why should I become a partner?

Good question 🤔 If you don’t know me personally, you might enjoy becoming a partner if you:

• Resonate with the ethos of “cultivating depth and beauty”

• Love hearing people’s stories

• Generally find the topics of creativity, tech, culture, or spirituality interesting

• Believe in supporting independent creators

• Want to support and encourage me during the mornings, nights, and weekends it takes to create all of this content

What is the short-term vision for Bonsai?

Bonsai is an experiment. In the short term, I hope Bonsai becomes the way I can sustainably create meaningful side projects. I don’t know if this is the best way, but I'm committed to trying for the next year!

What is the long-term vision for Bonsai?

Long-term, my aspirations for the impact of Bonsai stretch beyond myself. I’d love for Bonsai to become a fund for independent creators who make with the same ethos of “cultivating depth and beauty.” Bonsai partners could help bring projects like a short-film, poem, or mural into the world. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

How will you use the money?

1. To cover costs (domain names, web hosting, etc.).

2. To purchase software and services that accelerate the creation process and improve the quality of content (automatically transcribing interviews for Technicolor, commissioning photography, etc.)

3. For creative inspiration (like a coffee or book).

4. To broaden the impact of Bonsai beyond just myself by enabling more independent creators to publish projects with similar ethos.   

Are payments secure?

Yes, I’m using Memberful and Stripe to process payments and membership. You can read more about Memberful's security here and Stripe’s security here.

I’d like to be a partner but neither payment option works for me, is there another option?

Of course, we’ll figure something out! Please email me.

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